Connect with leading entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and DoD decision-makers from across the country at Fed Supernova this fall.


About Fed Supernova Attendees

Fed Supernova draws people from every corner of the defense innovation ecosystem. They come for different reasons, but every participant walks away with meaningful connections and expanded possibilities.


For Entrepreneurs

Government and industry leaders attend Fed Supernova because they want to discover technology innovators — just like you. Don't miss this chance to meet those decision-makers and get answers about how it all works directly from the people who manage the process.

Fed Supernova

For Corporations

While the DoD is working to attract nontraditionals, both still depend on organizations with existing contracting vehicles and deeper pockets to scale. Learn about specific opportunities where you can get involved today to solidify your critical role in defense innovation.

Fed Supernova

For Government

Department of Defense leaders would love to bring new tech into their programs — but finding it seems like a full-time job. Save time and speed up discovery with insights into relevant technology that's available now from across the DoD and beyond the traditional players.

Fed Supernova

For Investors

In the past five years, companies tagged “gov tech” on Crunchbase raised nearly $2B in investment, indicating major growth — and major opportunities — in the government market. Take this opportunity to scout early and proven tech as well as startups with the potential to be big earners.

Fed Supernova

For Academia

The national university system is a long-time partner to the DoD, and that's not changing anytime soon. Find opportunities at Fed Supernova to showcase your tech, uncover new project opportunities, or get a look at fresh concepts from others that can inform future research.

Fed Supernova

Fed Supernova was impressive as a means for networking.
Lots of potential.
- Fed Supernova Attendee
  • Connect at the center of gravity for defense innovation