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What is Fed Supernova?

Fed Supernova is a 3-day event, hosted by Capital Factory, where defense priorities and trending technology collide for good. The event helps cultivate and propel the federal and defense innovation ecosystem by creating an uncommon opportunity to converge in the same place, at the same time, and with a shared purpose. Fed Supernova is the only event that exists to bring entrepreneurs, government, and industry together to bridge the Valley of Death between commercial technology and DoD programs. 

Why was Fed Supernova created?

At Capital Factory, we know the power of collisions. We create them every day. While we’ve been working to help startups and the Department of Defense come together for years, we knew we could be doing more. One of Capital Factory’s many focuses is to become a leader in presenting trending technologies and fostering innovation within the government — for good. We saw an opportunity to provide value and expand the defense industrial base, and that has driven the creation of Fed Supernova as well as the Center for Defense Innovation. 

What sort of topics are covered at Fed Supernova?

Fed Supernova content is informed by DoD, federal, and corporate thought leaders, mavericks, and change agents. This event will offer you the chance to become a thought leader and help bring new technology to the DoD while experiencing how innovation can evolve through deliberate collaboration from anywhere in the country. Oh, and…the startups will blow your mind.

Why is it called Fed Supernova?

When you hear “Supernova,” you think of an exploding star or giant flash, right? Something beyond explosive. (Ok, maybe you’re an astrophysicist and think that’s bologna, but stick with us.) A supernova is a rare, powerful event that only occurs when the right set of factors coincide. So it is with this event. It’s an explosion of opportunity that is only possible with the right mix of talented, open-minded people in the room. In this case, we’re not creating black holes of perpetual talk — we’re accelerating the exponential momentum for federal innovation and expansion of the industrial base for defense…with your help.

Who attends Fed Supernova?

Leading entrepreneurs, investors, the federal acquisition corps, corporations, and decision-makers from around the world all attend Fed Supernova. Why? Because time is money, and it takes way too much time to make connections across defense innovation right now. While everyone may come with their own agendas, this event is the one place they can come to truly understand the possibilities. Think of it as your lock-and-key event for modernization. You must be willing to network, ask and answer the hard questions, and (most importantly) take action to ensure technology transfer successfully happens.

How is Fed Supernova different from other defense innovation events?

In two words: scale and intent. While there are certainly other defense innovation events out there — and people working on this stuff every day — we haven’t seen any other event that brings together this many people, this diverse group of participants, or this type of content all at once. Fed Supernova exists to do that, all with the goal of adding collaborative fuel to the fire of defense innovation. When we say “a force multiplier for defense innovation,” that’s exactly what we mean.

Is this a national or local event? I'm not in Texas, should I still participate?

This is a national event. Now, if you know Capital Factory, then you know we’re the center of gravity for entrepreneurship in Texas. And that’s not going to change. But defense innovation isn’t bound by zip code or regional ties. That’s why Fed Supernova includes a virtual component so that participants can tap into the defense innovation mainline — no matter where they’re located. 

Is this event just for startups, or can larger companies participate too?

Not only can you attend, but we can’t wait to see you there. After all, defense innovation often depends on larger companies that can bridge the gap between what federal projects need and what smaller companies can deliver. When we talk about new partnerships, we’re looking at you. So attend, submit an abstract to speak, support the event as a sponsor — the path you choose is up to you, but we definitely want you to be a part of this event.

Are there limitations on who can attend Fed Supernova? Is it a classified event?

Fed Supernova is a public event and open to anyone interested in defense innovation. As such, there are no classified components to this event. Save that for the SCIF.

Is this a pitch competition?

No. While you will see startups pitch during Fed Supernova, this event is about bringing together the right elements for defense innovation. Onsite awards may be part of that, but they’re not the whole ball of wax. 

Where is this event located?

The in-person components of Fed Supernova happen at Capital Factory in Austin, with options to view sessions online if you are unable to physically attend. If you haven’t experienced what everyone already knows, Texas is the most happening place for innovation. With all of these great events lining up, it is a perfect time to come check it out live.

When is the next Fed Supernova event?

Fed Supernova 2023 will take place August 22-24. Follow @CFDefense on Twitter to learn more.  

How can my company get involved in Fed Supernova?

Position your company as a leader and increase your brand reputation across the defense innovation ecosystem as a sponsor. Simply email with the subject Fed Supernova — Sponsor Inquiry to learn more about sponsoring a panel, session, or demo.

I know someone who should speak at Fed Supernova. How can I get them involved?

You can share what you know and influence how others apply it to defense priorities by becoming an official speaker at Fed Supernova. If you think you are (or you know) the perfect speaker or session topic, email with the subject Fed Supernova — Speaker Inquiry to start the conversation with our team.


What's the value for me in attending Fed Supernova?

In 2020, $100M in federal contracts were awarded to 30+ companies across Capital Factory’s community. With more than 1,000 participants from every corner of the defense ecosystem, you’ll be able to network with federal acquisition leaders, entrepreneurs, other investors, and defense primes to find ways to de-risk investments and support national economic objectives. 

What sort of topics are covered at Fed Supernova?

As an investor, you’ll be able to gain insight into where DoD priorities and commercial technology align to inform your focus and investments better. You will also see cutting-edge startups that are on the brink of greatness and open to opportunities.


What's the value for me in attending Fed Supernova?

In a nutshell: Technology Transition. If you can do this, this is your chance to prove it. Although some Feds are increasingly skeptical, Fed Supernova is your opportunity to say it, mean it, show it! In return, you will encounter a large volume of quality startups that can offer your organization key technology advancements to satisfy strategic needs and drive a stronger market position.

What sort of topics are covered at Fed Supernova?

As a corporate executive, you’ll be able to gain insight into where DoD priorities and commercial technology align with your business goals and growth initiatives.


What's the value for me in attending Fed Supernova?

Do you want to meet or collaborate with other federal and state innovation thought leaders?  Are you curious about how to engage or voice your needs to startups? Do you have questions about how to reach the nontraditional or emergent industry capabilities? Are you tired of seeing the same solutions from the same defense industry community? If so, Fed Supernova is your opportunity to engage with startup founders, corporate tech scouts, entrepreneurs, and other contributors within the federal innovation ecosystem who can meet your needs and help close the gaps.

What sort of topics are covered at Fed Supernova?

Government employees will learn how entrepreneurs, government, and industry can work together to unlock more value for everyone. Fed Supernova will take the mystery out of technology trends, new acquisition tools, and federal/DoD innovation organizations to help you discover how they can be applied directly to your DoD,  federal, or state priorities and organizational objectives.


What's the value for me in attending Fed Supernova?

Fed Supernova is an opportunity for startups to unlock a new funding method through the government and connect with potential investors, corporations, and employees. You can showcase your tech — or get a look at fresh tech from others — that is relevant, validated, and available for use in federal defense programs. Get involved and get noticed at an event where DoD decision-makers come together specifically to discover what’s possible.

What sort of topics are covered during Fed Supernova?

As a founder, you’ll be able to gain insight into where DoD priorities and commercial technology align to inform your focus better and identify where your technology will directly support their initiatives. You will make critical connections and further inform investors, customers, and talent of your solutions to support your organizational goals.


What is Capital Factory?

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one state for startups in the U.S. Thousands of entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers gather day and night, in-person and online, for meetups, classes, and coworking. With boots on the ground in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, we meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to investors, employees, mentors, and customers. 

According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active, early-stage investor in Texas since 2010.

Where is Capital Factory located?

Capital Factory is headquartered in Austin, with satellite locations in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

What other Federal Innovation events does Capital Factory put on?

Learn more about upcoming events on the Capital Factory website.

What is the Center for Defense Innovation?

The Center for Defense Innovation is an ecosystem that brings together military leaders with innovators, entrepreneurs, and world-class technology companies to co-create solutions that ensure our armed forces are poised to meet the threats of tomorrow.

How do I become a Capital Factory member?

Reach out to our memberships team to learn more about our membership options at or apply to become a Capital Factory member.

How do I become a Capital Factory mentor?

The ideal profile for a Mentor at Capital Factory is someone who has both been a founder, or first employee, at a tech startup and who is now an angel investor; however, there are exceptions for unique backgrounds. If you are interested in learning more about mentorship, please fill out the Capital Factory Mentor Application.