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The U.S. military is increasing its use of unmanned and anonymous systems to perform tasks that humans can’t — or shouldn’t — do. That’s exactly why the U.S Navy and Marine Corps have prioritized unmanned systems as key enablers for their missions.

CAPT Michael D. Brasseur co-founded and is currently serving as the first Commodore of Task Force 59, Commander, Unmanned & A.I. Integration. Task Force 59 is dedicated to the rapid integration of Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Fleet operations to deter malign activity and secure the free flow of commerce in the waters surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. Join him in a discussion that brings together stakeholders from across the Department of the Navy to articulate current challenges, explain how the Navy is adapting , and share how they partner with innovative companies to adopt new capabilities.


CAPT Michael Brasseur

Fed Supernova 2021

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